Anyone who lives in Seattle must have been the constant victim of a friend or relative coming to visit as to what to do in Seattle. Here is the seamless guide to making the best of your trip to Seattle.

When people think of Seattle, they think of the Seahawks and Jimmy Hendrix but studying wise the first thing should come up is the Pike Place Market. Pike Place is a farmer’s souk that runs 365 days a year, literally. Local businessmen come up here with fresh produce each day considering of dairy, fish, cheese and some of the most exotic bouquet of flowers. The first ever Starbucks to exist is located in Pike Place, thus the original taste!

Another interestingly gross place to see in Seattle is the gum wall. You may think of it as something artistic, which it is, just not in the way you may expect. The alley smells like gum which is kind of nice, but the it is one weirdly, intriguing sightseeing so many gums coming from different mouths. Chewed and stuck to the wall in unity. Remember not to wear your best shoes to this place though.

Moving on the amazing Gas Works Park, named after the large non-operating gas plant just behind. Actually, a rare landscape. The park is a large sprawling hill that you can walk up and a 360 view of Seattle. Downtown, Lake Union, Queen Anne, you can see all of it in one panoramic glance. A lot of people just go out here to enjoy a picnic under the sun, children really love to explore the shutdown gas plant.

Seattle really hits it off when it comes to creepy and yet somehow interesting stuff to do. The Fremont Troll of the city that resides under a bridge, is a giant cement troll build back in the 1990. It is a unique piece of art that was built with the help of the Fremont Arts Council and the sculpture’s base is actually built with a Volkswagen Beetle. Moving on to shopping, the best place to shop in Seattle is the Westlake Centre in downtown. They have inexplicable amounts of storage, there’s a Nordstrom store just across from a Nordstrom Rack in case you like something but don’t want to pay that much just switch shops. There is a glass bridge at the top of the Nordstrom, you can stroll through and look outside. It’s actually great of people watching. Most of the places in Seattle are great places to pose for pictures for your Instagram or Snapchat.

Lastly, the amazing Ferris wheel by the Pier of Seattle is a nice place to visit. There is nothing such special about the Ferris wheel besides it just goes over the water and gives a great picturesque view of the Lake and Pier. There are a ton of activities to do song the Pier such as awesome gift shops for you to buy memorabilia or souvenirs for friends to take back.