Norway is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe and one of the three Scandinavian countries that has amazing mountains and exciting beaches. Norway is especially famous for its wooden colored beaches and one can stare at them for the whole day. Moreover, fishing, skiing and hiking enthusiasts must visit Norway to take the full pleasure of all these activities. The capital of Norway is Oslo and the languages spoken in Norway are Bokmål, Nynorsk, Saami and Norwegian.

Although, all of Norway should be traveled to enjoy the extreme climate and beauty of Norway. However, I have listed down the top interesting places in Norway below.

1 – Oslo

Oslo, being the capital of Norway, is a city full of lights. It is a huge city with lots of hotels, palaces, parks, museums and fortresses. One important place to must visit in Oslo is the Vigeland Sculpture Park, which is the most visited park of Europe and hold tens of antique sculptures of different personalities from all around the world. Moreover, the Viking Ship Museum was built in 9-th century, and has a lot of historical Viking ships. If you are not aware of Vikings, you must watch the drama series named “Vikings”, to know the true history of this place. Another place to visit in Oslo, Norway is the Akershus Fortress, which was originally built as a military prison. However, in 18th century, the fortress has been changed into a place to host events and a large museum has been in place.

2 – Bergen

Bergen is a southwestern Norwegian city and holds the amazing and beautiful house which are colored in multiple colors and surrounded by the mountains, which adds an overall beauty to this place. Bryggen is a must visit place if you are fond of multiple colors and traditional wooden buildings. Many films and dramas have been shot at this place because of the old wharf. Moreover, you can also visit the Harborside Bergenhus Fortress museum, which is a great tourist attraction. The fortress overlooks the harbor and this historic fort is mainly famous because it was able to defend itself because of its terrain and strong structure. Fortress lovers should visit this place once in their life.

3 – Lofoten

The third place to fall in our list is the city of Lofoten. This place showcases a dramatic scenery along with many colorful buildings and houses. The city is surrounded by white mountains, which adds an extra beauty to this place. Lofoten is an island and located very near to the Nordland county. The place can be easily accessed from the highway.


These are the 3 most interesting places to visit in Norway.