Goa is surely one of the places you might have heard from your Asian friends once in your life. Goa is known as the Phuket of India. Located on the South most part of Asia, Goa is a must place to travel and visit once in your life. You may find extraordinary helpful people, generous police personnel and great security. Goa is a separate state of India and is so popular that you might have to book your sea-side hotel in 3 months advance. Even the people of India must get a visa to visit Goa. There is honestly nothing you cannot do in Goa. From visiting temples to great beach to amazing parks to museums and historical sites, Goa is a place where you want to get yourself prepared as the next destination to travel, either with family or even alone.

Below is the list of best places to expect when in Goa.

1. Agoda Beach

Agoda beach is one of the most beautiful, clean and pleasant beach with a great sightseeing if you love to see sunsets and sunrises. You may find thousands of foreigners already there and can order food and drinks from nearby, while sitting and enjoying the beach. This beach is truly an amazing one and not to miss when traveling to Goa.

2. Reis Magos Fort

This amazing historical fort is very well maintained with all historical archives intact. You may find a free guide at the entrance after paying a small charge to enter the premises. After entering you can read and view the historical artifacts of this place with easy to understand English and many other languages. The view of sea from the fort’s terrace is stunning. The staff is courteous, and you may easily make new friends.

3. Naval Aviation Museum

This place is a military museum and display one of the oldest and strongest weapons and military airplanes and helicopters. The environment is very clean, and everything happens to be maintained by the great naval forces of India. You may find disciplinary staff and compact resources of arms and vintage weapons. Make sure that you pay homage to the war martyrs as it is a great gesture.

4. Casino Royale Goa

As the name says, this is one of the most popular and exciting places to visit in your life. If you are already a fan of Las Vegas, you must visit this place once in your life. This casino is situation in a cruise that is running on the shores of Gia State. The place is highly secured as it is frequently visited by millionaires worldwide. If you are a gambling lover, you should put this casino in a must visit list when visiting Goa.

5. Tomb of St Francis Gravier

As the name says, this is one of the top church in Goa and very well maintained. The place is scammers free and you won’t find any beggars nearby that disturb you all your way. The place is full of historic artifacts and the landmark is extremely beautifully built. It is best to get a local guide that you find roaming around the church easily. It is a must visit and not to miss this church visit at any cost.

So, these were the best places you can visit when going to Goa. Apart from that, Goa has a lot of pure marijuana and is perfectly legal in Goa State. Make sure you try that once if you are a hashish lover. Goa has tens and hundreds of hotels, restaurant and 5-star malls to shop, visit and dine. Make sure you visit each and everything.

Happy visiting Goa!