Places of Interest in Norway

Places of Interest in Norway

Norway is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe and one of the three Scandinavian countries that has amazing mountains and exciting beaches. Norway is especially famous for its wooden colored beaches and one can stare at them for the whole day. Moreover, fishing, skiing and hiking enthusiasts must visit Norway to take the full pleasure of all these activities. The capital of Norway is Oslo and the languages spoken in Norway are Bokmål, Nynorsk, Saami and Norwegian.

Although, all of Norway should be traveled to enjoy the extreme climate and beauty of Norway. However, I have listed down the top interesting places in Norway below.

1 – Oslo

Oslo, being the capital of Norway, is a city full of lights. It is a huge city with lots of hotels, palaces, parks, museums and fortresses. One important place to must visit in Oslo is the Vigeland Sculpture Park, which is the most visited park of Europe and hold tens of antique sculptures of different personalities from all around the world. Moreover, the Viking Ship Museum was built in 9-th century, and has a lot of historical Viking ships. If you are not aware of Vikings, you must watch the drama series named “Vikings”, to know the true history of this place. Another place to visit in Oslo, Norway is the Akershus Fortress, which was originally built as a military prison. However, in 18th century, the fortress has been changed into a place to host events and a large museum has been in place.

2 – Bergen

Bergen is a southwestern Norwegian city and holds the amazing and beautiful house which are colored in multiple colors and surrounded by the mountains, which adds an overall beauty to this place. Bryggen is a must visit place if you are fond of multiple colors and traditional wooden buildings. Many films and dramas have been shot at this place because of the old wharf. Moreover, you can also visit the Harborside Bergenhus Fortress museum, which is a great tourist attraction. The fortress overlooks the harbor and this historic fort is mainly famous because it was able to defend itself because of its terrain and strong structure. Fortress lovers should visit this place once in their life.

3 – Lofoten

The third place to fall in our list is the city of Lofoten. This place showcases a dramatic scenery along with many colorful buildings and houses. The city is surrounded by white mountains, which adds an extra beauty to this place. Lofoten is an island and located very near to the Nordland county. The place can be easily accessed from the highway.


These are the 3 most interesting places to visit in Norway.

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What to expect while visiting Goa?

What to expect while visiting Goa?

Goa is surely one of the places you might have heard from your Asian friends once in your life. Goa is known as the Phuket of India. Located on the South most part of Asia, Goa is a must place to travel and visit once in your life. You may find extraordinary helpful people, generous police personnel and great security. Goa is a separate state of India and is so popular that you might have to book your sea-side hotel in 3 months advance. Even the people of India must get a visa to visit Goa. There is honestly nothing you cannot do in Goa. From visiting temples to great beach to amazing parks to museums and historical sites, Goa is a place where you want to get yourself prepared as the next destination to travel, either with family or even alone.

Below is the list of best places to expect when in Goa.

1. Agoda Beach

Agoda beach is one of the most beautiful, clean and pleasant beach with a great sightseeing if you love to see sunsets and sunrises. You may find thousands of foreigners already there and can order food and drinks from nearby, while sitting and enjoying the beach. This beach is truly an amazing one and not to miss when traveling to Goa.

2. Reis Magos Fort

This amazing historical fort is very well maintained with all historical archives intact. You may find a free guide at the entrance after paying a small charge to enter the premises. After entering you can read and view the historical artifacts of this place with easy to understand English and many other languages. The view of sea from the fort’s terrace is stunning. The staff is courteous, and you may easily make new friends.

3. Naval Aviation Museum

This place is a military museum and display one of the oldest and strongest weapons and military airplanes and helicopters. The environment is very clean, and everything happens to be maintained by the great naval forces of India. You may find disciplinary staff and compact resources of arms and vintage weapons. Make sure that you pay homage to the war martyrs as it is a great gesture.

4. Casino Royale Goa

As the name says, this is one of the most popular and exciting places to visit in your life. If you are already a fan of Las Vegas, you must visit this place once in your life. This casino is situation in a cruise that is running on the shores of Gia State. The place is highly secured as it is frequently visited by millionaires worldwide. If you are a gambling lover, you should put this casino in a must visit list when visiting Goa.

5. Tomb of St Francis Gravier

As the name says, this is one of the top church in Goa and very well maintained. The place is scammers free and you won’t find any beggars nearby that disturb you all your way. The place is full of historic artifacts and the landmark is extremely beautifully built. It is best to get a local guide that you find roaming around the church easily. It is a must visit and not to miss this church visit at any cost.

So, these were the best places you can visit when going to Goa. Apart from that, Goa has a lot of pure marijuana and is perfectly legal in Goa State. Make sure you try that once if you are a hashish lover. Goa has tens and hundreds of hotels, restaurant and 5-star malls to shop, visit and dine. Make sure you visit each and everything.

Happy visiting Goa!

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What’s the Best Time to Visit Bali?

One of the things every traveler must decide before planning a trip to any destination is when to go. The question of the best time to visit a destination depends on a number of factors including the weather. Of course, it’s also important to know when the off-peak and peak seasons are for the specific place you’re planning to visit. Bali is one of the world’s best destinations and is known for its scenic beaches and captivating jungles.

Tourists from across the world travel to this place every year to experience its scenic beauty and explore its landscape. Bali experiences a beautiful tropical climate which comprises of the wet and dry seasons. As mentioned, you should determine the best time to visit or rather travel to Bali. Factors to consider, in this case, will include the weather, personal preferences, peak and off-peak seasons, annual events and festivals, and more.

The Rainy Season

The fact that Bali is located near the equator means that it experiences fairly consistent temperatures of between the mid-80s and low 90s all year round. The Rainy season in Bali runs from October through to March. Note that Indonesia doesn’t experience summer and winter since it’s close to the equator. The region experiences a significant climatic shift in its precipitation and humidity levels. The rainy season is usually characterized by oppressive humidity levels and frequent storms. Traveling to Bali at this time of the year might not be desirable and comfortable due to the excessive rainfall and sheer humidity.

The Dry Season

Bali experiences a dry season which runs from April through September every year. The climatic conditions at this time of the year are usually moderately humid. Despite experiencing rain showers occasionally, the conditions are not as uncomfortable as they are during the rainy season. Travelers can enjoy beautiful sunny days at this time of the year. This would be the best time to visit this destination.

Holidays and Festivals

When it comes to holidays, events, and festivals, Bali prides itself on a colorful array of events all year round. Don’t forget the place also features a scenic sanctuary, natural beauty, and a beautiful landscape that you need to explore. March is considered the prime festival month. Other important holidays and events not to miss in Bali include the Negara Bull Races in July, the Bali Arts Festival and Kite fair in June, and the National Independence Day in August.

Peak and Off-Peak Travel Months

Your decision on when to visit Bali will also depend on the region’s peak and off-peak travel months. As with any other destination, the most popular time of the year is usually the most crowded and the expensive. Bali experiences the peak travel season in the months that cover the United States and European summer vacations. The island receives hordes of travelers and tourists between the months of June and September which means the hotel rates, tour packages, taxi rental costs, and airfare are expensive at this time. Tourist traffic also increases in December during Christmas and the New Years. The months of October and May record fewer crowds and things are cheaper at this time.

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Deciding a company for Cruise and Stay Holidays

Deciding a company for Cruise and Stay Holidays

Cruise and Stay holidays is a type of package in which you get a chance to enjoy the sea and its beauty as well getting some time to stay on the land as well during your vacations. There are many companies in the industry that offer you unique cruise and stay holidays, but you should research yourself before booking any seat on the cruise and stay holidays package of any specific cruise line as all the cruise lines are different from each other in every aspect including quality, staff, routes and facilities.

A very easy and hand – in approach for search is to surf on the internet. You can make this research even by sitting on your sofa n your home. There are several providers that help you to decide which the best cruise line for cruise is and stay holidays and you can even calculate the budgeted cost of this cruise and stay holidays deal. A very good example comes with Thomson website that allows you to search easily. There is a specific tab on this website for travel and holidays and thus you can easily go to your desired search page and there you can find another tab cruise and stay holidays. When you click on this tab there will open a new page describing about different cruise and stay holidays packages in a few sentences and it will be easy for you to decide which package suites you the best.

There are still other companies like P & O website allows you a comprehensive search on cruise and stay holidays and thus you can make a comprehensive research on cruise and stay holidays and decide that which cruise line and which package best suites you.

You should decide that whether you want to cruise first or you want to stay on the land first and end your holidays on the deck. Depending on the deal and company you may get a chance to decide yourself or in some cases this facility is not available and the company has a pre – scheduled plan upon which it acts accordingly.

You can go to any cruise and stay holidays travel agencies, usually all cruise travel agencies can help you in this matter as they earn their commission on every sold ticket. You can tell you requirements and they will tell you about the best cruise line and the best cruise and stay holidays deal, this will make it easy for you to plan your holidays.

To enjoy your holidays fully you should research about all the available options and then go for the best as maybe you will ruin your holidays with a bad plan.

You can also try to get amazing discounts and offers online by visiting several forums and websites that offers cheap star holiday cruises as well as many other cruises. These offers can be availed at any time of the year. It is always suggested that you should avail these offers in winter, so you can get the best fresh of breeze of air and if the weather is too cold, then a snowfall on the cruise. For romantic people, this is the best chance to make your partner happy. Also subscribe to our blog for various offers to decide a company for your cruise vacations.

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Things to do in Seattle

Things to do in Seattle

Anyone who lives in Seattle must have been the constant victim of a friend or relative coming to visit as to what to do in Seattle. Here is the seamless guide to making the best of your trip to Seattle.

When people think of Seattle, they think of the Seahawks and Jimmy Hendrix but studying wise the first thing should come up is the Pike Place Market. Pike Place is a farmer’s souk that runs 365 days a year, literally. Local businessmen come up here with fresh produce each day considering of dairy, fish, cheese and some of the most exotic bouquet of flowers. The first ever Starbucks to exist is located in Pike Place, thus the original taste!

Another interestingly gross place to see in Seattle is the gum wall. You may think of it as something artistic, which it is, just not in the way you may expect. The alley smells like gum which is kind of nice, but the it is one weirdly, intriguing sightseeing so many gums coming from different mouths. Chewed and stuck to the wall in unity. Remember not to wear your best shoes to this place though.

Moving on the amazing Gas Works Park, named after the large non-operating gas plant just behind. Actually, a rare landscape. The park is a large sprawling hill that you can walk up and a 360 view of Seattle. Downtown, Lake Union, Queen Anne, you can see all of it in one panoramic glance. A lot of people just go out here to enjoy a picnic under the sun, children really love to explore the shutdown gas plant.

Seattle really hits it off when it comes to creepy and yet somehow interesting stuff to do. The Fremont Troll of the city that resides under a bridge, is a giant cement troll build back in the 1990. It is a unique piece of art that was built with the help of the Fremont Arts Council and the sculpture’s base is actually built with a Volkswagen Beetle. Moving on to shopping, the best place to shop in Seattle is the Westlake Centre in downtown. They have inexplicable amounts of storage, there’s a Nordstrom store just across from a Nordstrom Rack in case you like something but don’t want to pay that much just switch shops. There is a glass bridge at the top of the Nordstrom, you can stroll through and look outside. It’s actually great of people watching. Most of the places in Seattle are great places to pose for pictures for your Instagram or Snapchat.

Lastly, the amazing Ferris wheel by the Pier of Seattle is a nice place to visit. There is nothing such special about the Ferris wheel besides it just goes over the water and gives a great picturesque view of the Lake and Pier. There are a ton of activities to do song the Pier such as awesome gift shops for you to buy memorabilia or souvenirs for friends to take back.

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